Latvia 2025: without railways and NATO battalions
access_time27 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye133

Will Latvia have a railway in five years and what does NATO have to do with it?

Ukraine may be left without a railway
access_time22 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye349

The degradation of the state has put the railway of Ukraine on the verge of stopping: in four days, the country may grind to a halt

An attempt to create NATO bases in Ukraine will lead to the beginning of a hybrid war
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The purpose of the hybrid war operation from the territory of the L/DPR will be to expand the controlled territory at least to the Dnieper and to create a buffer state

Moscow and Beijing struck a coordinated blow against Washington
access_time13 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye295

The development of biological weapons in the form of the COVID-19 virus can cost the US dearly

Erdogan puts the Montreux Convention up for auction
access_time07 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye110

Turkey joins attempts to cancel international agreements

Does Russia need a strategic pause in relations with the United States?
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What Russia is doing, in military parlance, is called regrouping forces before the main battles

Russia and China can kill SWIFT
access_time27 Mar 2021personАдминremove_red_eye647

The US may lose another lever of financial management of the world


What will happen to Germany if the “Greens” win?
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Scheduled for September 26, 2021, the German Federal Parliament election will be three-fold epochal

Why did Biden need a climate summit?
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Washington is looking for keys to Moscow and Beijing

Russia will return to its historical lands
access_time27 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye157

What does the decline of the statehood of the post-Soviet limitrophes indicate?

What do the new US sanctions mean for Russia?
access_time22 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye127

US sanctions are the reaction of a weakening hegemon: America is retreating, although the media continues to pretend that it is playing a game

Russia and the United States on the verge of a second Caribbean crisis
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Biden's call to Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn't affect anything - the US is just trying to buy time

The phoenix of global banksters is ready to replace the US dollar
access_time14 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye139

Global money: it already exists and is preparing to enter the big political stage

Biden's "Brezhnev doctrine" for Germany
access_time13 Apr 2021personАдминremove_red_eye122

“Is the European Union ready for America to cook a dinner for itself from European bones?”


Russia's strategic interests in Africa
access_time15 Feb 2021personАдминremove_red_eye229

At the moment, for Russia there are only two areas of foreign economic expansion in the world that have not yet been embedded in other people's economic pyramids

Erdogan's Dash to China
access_time15 Feb 2021personАдминremove_red_eye146

Is it possible to link the infrastructure and logistics projects of Beijing and Ankara?