What is behind the introduction of US sanctions against Saudi Arabia?
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It's not at all about oil or the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Russia is ready for a complete rupture of relations with the European Union
access_time18 Feb 2021personАдминremove_red_eye222

Sergey Lavrov made a statement that has long been expected by the vast majority of the country's citizens

In Texas, gas wells are freezing, and the cost of electricity has increased almost 35-fold
access_time17 Feb 2021personАдминremove_red_eye106

Russian frost attacks the US, or about some results of the "shale" and “green" energy revolution

Classic American bargaining down of Poles for free services
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The Polish leadership has been out of luck in geopolitical gambling for more than five years

Military alliance between Russia and China: foundations, prospects and consequences
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The worst dream of American generals is close to becoming a reality


The triple alliance of Moscow, Beijing and Tehran
access_time18 Feb 2021personАдминremove_red_eye208

Or why the Americans are so alarmed by the Iran-China strategic agreement and the prospect of Iran joining the Eurasian Economic Union

Russia is emerging from the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, but what about the rest?
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To assess the situation with the number of COVID-19 cases in Russia, one must see the situation in the world as a whole

Social rating: electronic concentration camp or "brave new world"
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The total system of digital surveillance and rating of citizens in the future can turn into big internal problems for China

For whom was Borrell's mission in Russia a failure?
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Who arranged a demonstrative flogging of Borrell in the European media and why?

The ratio of combat capabilities of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and NATO in
access_time10 Feb 2021personАдминremove_red_eye635

“How much will defeat by Russia in the European theatre of operations cost NATO in blood?”

World Economy: Results of 2020 and Prospects for 2021
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The share of real production, both in the internal economic structure of the state and in the international division of labour, will become of key importance

The US elites are becoming aware of the inevitability of war with China
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The alternative is that by 2050, China will become the world’s sole geopolitical superpower


Russia's strategic interests in Africa
access_time15 Feb 2021personАдминremove_red_eye179

At the moment, for Russia there are only two areas of foreign economic expansion in the world that have not yet been embedded in other people's economic pyramids

Erdogan's Dash to China
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Is it possible to link the infrastructure and logistics projects of Beijing and Ankara?