Biden's weak legitimacy shakes the solidity of American foreign policy
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A month after Geneva proved the absence of America as a centralised state

Gazprom's Chinese “Go” Game in Europe
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Europe is reaping the benefits of the Third Energy Package and spot gas prices

Washington's wet dreams: The world's oceans should belong only to America
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As the bear said, looking at the hippopotamus, "with such a suitcase, it would be good to take a sip of honey"

The US is heading for defeat in the rivalry with China
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No smooth measures will save America from losing its global leadership

It is in the interests of the US and the EU to exclude Britain from NATO
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While Washington, Berlin and Paris want to restore dialogue with Moscow, London is trying to place a new "iron curtain” in front of Russia

Prospects for further dialogue between Russia and the United States in the global context
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Some results of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva

Will the EU succeed in eliminating NATO?
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Britain is alarmed: the European Union stops paying tribute to the United States


Secret collusion between Big Pharma and the US government is killing Americans
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American vaccines still have the status of experimental - they do not cure, but are still being tested

Card-sharping against Russia will not work
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Who is to blame for the failure of the Open Skies Treaty

Who owns the "Big Pharma" of America?
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All the leading pharmaceutical companies are run by the same people

A single global corporate tax - how realistic is it?
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Will digital giants and other global MNCs pay taxes in Russia?

The Open Skies Treaty
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Western partners should apprehend that it's not possible to provide their own security not taking into account security interests of Russia and its allies

Washington is preparing to dump Ukraine
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The Putin-Biden Geneva summit became a "swan song" for Zelensky

Secret channels of British influence in Turkey
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How London supports political Islamic cadres


China’s future in the coming decade
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Russia's strategic interests in Africa
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At the moment, for Russia there are only two areas of foreign economic expansion in the world that have not yet been embedded in other people's economic pyramids

Erdogan's Dash to China
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Is it possible to link the infrastructure and logistics projects of Beijing and Ankara?