Secret collusion between Big Pharma and the US government is killing Americans
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American vaccines still have the status of experimental - they do not cure, but are still being tested

Card-sharping against Russia will not work
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Who is to blame for the failure of the Open Skies Treaty

Who owns the "Big Pharma" of America?
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All the leading pharmaceutical companies are run by the same people

A single global corporate tax - how realistic is it?
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Will digital giants and other global MNCs pay taxes in Russia?

The Open Skies Treaty
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Western partners should apprehend that it's not possible to provide their own security not taking into account security interests of Russia and its allies

Washington is preparing to dump Ukraine
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The Putin-Biden Geneva summit became a "swan song" for Zelensky

Secret channels of British influence in Turkey
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How London supports political Islamic cadres

Results of the NATO summit: The Alliance is taking Beijing more seriously
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China was declared the main systemic threat to Western society

The US Democratic Party is preparing the ground for the repression of political opponents
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The US Attorney General has announced a national strategy for countering domestic terrorism, and it fully corresponds to the ideology of the Democratic Party

Russia's tasks following the results of the Putin-Biden summit in Geneva
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Geneva has shown that the West needs a respite, but Russia has no room for complacency

Will Europe be able to escape from the clutches of Washington?
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About the prospects of the US-European "transatlantic cooperation" following the US-EU meeting

Geneva Summit: results and prospects
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Moscow has played out all the strong moves during the negotiations with Washington as much as possible and can take the credit for it

What is the main marker of successful negotiations with the United States for Russia?
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Trump in the presidential chair gave us tactical advantages, while his opponents give us strategic ones

Putin-Biden Summit: Factor analysis
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The Putin-Biden talks are a tough positional bargaining game dominated by forceful and manipulative negotiation models

The US finally began to eat through its own money
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The power of the FED is coming to an end - it is no longer possible to print green wrappers

Russia's tactical nuclear weapons inspire silent terror in NATO
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Russia's tactical nuclear weapons negate NATO's superiority in conventional forces

General outlines of the NIRP world
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Fat times of consumption are ending, the world is waiting for the transition to the nanopunk stage

September 11 mission failed: US loses Afghanistan to local insurgents
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The experience of experimental US diplomacy in the Middle East has failed

Washington is going to promote BLM ideas around the world
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Critical racial theory becomes the ideological foundation of the American state

Will the "conspiracy of the generals" sweep away the rotten power of the liberals?
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A scandal is breaking out in France, the significance and depth of which for a while few people yet realise