Russia and the United States on the verge of a second Caribbean crisis
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Biden's call to Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn't affect anything - the US is just trying to buy time

The phoenix of global banksters is ready to replace the US dollar
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Global money: it already exists and is preparing to enter the big political stage

Biden's "Brezhnev doctrine" for Germany
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“Is the European Union ready for America to cook a dinner for itself from European bones?”

China and Iran have hammered a nail in the coffin of US hegemony in Western Asia
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Tehran's signing of a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Beijing breaks the scenario of Iran's strangulation and weakens the country's international isolation

Iskanders near Kaliningrad have become a serious problem for NATO
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One salvo of the Iskander operational-tactical missile systems brigade is enough to destroy an entire division of a likely enemy

Where will the "Eclipse" of Bill Gates lead humanity?
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The billionaire is actively involved in the fight against climate warming

Will Washington proclaim the "Biden doctrine"?
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On March 17, 2021, a new stage has begun in the undeclared war between the United States and Russia.

Things are heading towards the Third World War
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Moscow and Beijing are trying to keep the events only within the economic framework. But whether it will work is still an open question

Vaccination as a form of war
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The refusal of 20 countries to use the vaccine of the Swedish-British company AstraZeneca caused the necessity to use “heavy artillery”

Biden lays bare the American fear of Vladimir Putin
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We should not hope that the recall of the Russian ambassador to the United States will lead to the normalisation of relations between Moscow and Washington – an escalation awaits us

The US lost the war over Taiwan to China for the fifth time in a row
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Provoking China into a military invasion of Taiwan becomes the main strategic goal of the United States up to 2030

"Repaired" capitalism: for whom does the bell of "inclusivity" ring?
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Not many people have understood the all epoch-making and fateful nature of the law on the right to repair household appliances, adopted in the European Union on March 1, 2021

Operation “Crown of the British Empire” is entering its final stage
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Will the British monarchy be blown up by an interview between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle?

The triple alliance of Moscow, Beijing and Tehran
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Or why the Americans are so alarmed by the Iran-China strategic agreement and the prospect of Iran joining the Eurasian Economic Union

Russia is emerging from the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, but what about the rest?
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To assess the situation with the number of COVID-19 cases in Russia, one must see the situation in the world as a whole

Social rating: electronic concentration camp or "brave new world"
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The total system of digital surveillance and rating of citizens in the future can turn into big internal problems for China

For whom was Borrell's mission in Russia a failure?
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Who arranged a demonstrative flogging of Borrell in the European media and why?

The ratio of combat capabilities of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and NATO in
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“How much will defeat by Russia in the European theatre of operations cost NATO in blood?”

World Economy: Results of 2020 and Prospects for 2021
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The share of real production, both in the internal economic structure of the state and in the international division of labour, will become of key importance

The US elites are becoming aware of the inevitability of war with China
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The alternative is that by 2050, China will become the world’s sole geopolitical superpower