Where will the "Eclipse" of Bill Gates lead humanity?

The billionaire is actively involved in the fight against climate warming
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The name of the American billionaire Bill Gates appears in the media every day, more often than the Queen of England and as often as the American president. Moreover, the fame of Bill Gates has a strong imprint of scandalousness.

He became famous for his revelations about the expediency of curbing population growth on the planet, his "charitable" activities through the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation (in particular, the connections of this foundation with Big Pharma were revealed), calls for the total vaccination on the planet, hints at the expediency of the total "identification" of all people on the planet (using nano-chips), etc.

The hobbies and priorities of the billionaire's "charitable" activities are periodically changed and "adjusted". A year ago, Bill Gates shouted that there is no scarier "beast" on the planet than COVID-19. And at the end of last year, he began to state that, it turns out, there are two more "beasts" more terrible than COVID-19: the catastrophe of climate warming and bioterrorism.

Over the past six months, Bill Gates has focused all his attention on the beast called "climate disaster” (other names – "greenhouse effect","global warming", etc.). If you follow his speeches in recent months, he began to pay attention to the climate about as much as the topic of COVID-19 and the related topic of universal vaccination of the population. And tomorrow, I am sure, the climate will surely come out on top. However, I do not exclude that at some point in time, our "unpredictable" hero may switch to the topic of bioterrorism (so far, he has only indicated it).

If we look at the topic of climate, we will see that there is a friendly choir in the world that performs a song called "Climate Disaster". The choir includes such "professionals" as the president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, the English Prince Charles, the president of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, Mrs. Lynn de Rothschild, Pope Francis, the current US President Joe Biden and others.

We can assume that there is some kind of behind-the-scenes impresario who gathers the choir and organises its public performances. And last year, he invited the American billionaire to join the "creative team".

The easy-going Bill Gates agreed and began to enthusiastically fulfil the role assigned to him. The appearance of our hero on the climate scene occurred somewhere at the end of last summer. On his personal website on August 4, 2020, new material with a meaningful title appeared:

“COVID-19 is awful. Climate change could be worse. But there are lessons from the current crisis that should guide our response to the next one”. https://www.gatesnotes.com/Energy/Climate-and-COVID-19

In October, Bill Gates announced that he was preparing a book about climate change on the planet. And in February of this year, the book was published. Its title is "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster". The book is now being "promoted" in the United States in every possible way and its publication is being prepared in other countries.

Bill Gates writes that he has been studying the problem of climate change for several years. Like, for a long time he was gathering his thoughts and only now felt the need to share his thoughts with readers and suggest ways to solve the problem. I will quote a fragment from the book:

"I've learned three things over the years: to avoid a climate disaster, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to zero; we need to deploy the tools we already have, such as solar and wind, faster and more efficiently; and we need to create and implement breakthrough technologies that will help us complete the rest of the journey. The arguments in favour of zero were and remain firm. Setting a goal to only reduce emissions, but not eliminate them, will not help. The only reasonable goal is zero."

Most serious scientists believe that the reasoning about climate warming as a result of greenhouse gas emissions is nothing more than a hypothesis. However, some are even more specific: this is a fake.

As for the supporters of the "greenhouse effect" theory, there are people with different positions among them. Some believe that to prevent a climate catastrophe, it is enough to "freeze" greenhouse gas emissions at the current level. Others believe that it is necessary to reduce the total emissions to a safe level. And there are "zeroists" who demand the complete elimination of greenhouse gas emissions ("carbon zeroing") and as soon as possible. Bill Gates is a "zero-zero" or "climate radical”.

However, in the "choir" mentioned above, all its members are "climate radicals", they sing on the same notes. The entire collection of sheet music for this choir is called "The Great Reset", which means "The Great Reset". This is a global project of a revolutionary reconstruction of the world in the interests of the very backstage that gathered the "choir".

In the Russian media, sometimes a different translation of the name of the project "The Great Reset" is given: "The Great Nullification". "Carbon zeroing" is a part or stage of the "Great nullification" project, aimed at eliminating the current material and technical base of the world economy, "cleaning" the planet from billions of "excess" people, and markets - from small and medium-sized businesses.

Now, not a day goes by that Bill Gates doesn't make some statement about climate. For example, on March 20, Gates participated in a discussion on the Reddit platform. One of the participants in the online meeting asked Gates what advice he could give to a 19-year-old man. The answer was: "Try to learn more about the problem of climate change."

I'm not a psychologist, but I get the impression that Gates' climate has become an obsession and a phobia. From now on, he looks at any event and phenomenon in the world through the "climate prism". Here, for example, he reflects on the topic of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The problem is very multifaceted: cryptocurrencies pose a threat to the stability of traditional monetary systems in the world, are used to finance terrorism and various transactions in the "grey" and "black" economy, corrupt people (draw them into speculation and so-called "mining" and turn them away from creative work), etc., etc.

But our hero is only interested in one aspect of this phenomenon: what kind of "carbon footprint" cryptocurrencies create. He is against cryptocurrencies. For one reason only: their creation ("mining") requires more and more energy costs. And, consequently, cryptocurrencies make a significant contribution to the emission of carbon dioxide, creating, as he says, a"fat carbon footprint".

The billionaire's calls for people to give up meat have become widely known. It turns out that animal husbandry produces a large amount of manure, and manure becomes a source of methane and other "greenhouse" gases that increase the temperature of the planet. It's better to be a vegetarian, Bill Gates instructs people. And for those who can't give up meat, he advises switching to artificial meat. Pilot projects for the production of such a product are already available, and the billionaire is ready to support these good initiatives through his charitable foundation.

The eccentric billionaire decided to personally make his personal contribution to the fight against climate warming. By changing your habits, by rearranging your private life. He hopes that by doing so, he will set an example to other people. As he admits, he can't completely give up natural meat yet. But already from time to time consumes artificial. And he hopes that over time, he will completely switch to an artificial product.

It is no longer necessary to say that he has long used not a gasoline, but an electric car. His estates have solar panels installed. No electricity on carbon fuel (oil, gas, coal)! Gates' personal planes do not use conventional fuel (gasoline-kerosene), but some "green" fuel that supposedly does not leave a carbon footprint.

There were rumours that he was building a giant (and very expensive) yacht that would be equipped with a hydrogen-powered engine (hydrogen, as Bill Gates explains, does not leave a carbon footprint).

However, Gates acts on many fronts at once. It is not only his own habits and personal life that he is rebuilding on the principles of the "green economy". He is going to contribute to solving the climate problem at the global level.

Already this summer, Gates, along with a number of other billionaires, wants to carry out a trial launch of a balloon that will spray about 2 kg of chalk over the Arctic. A small "eclipse" will be organised, which can reduce the temperature at least for a while, at least locally. After that, the team of scientists he assembled plans to study the impact of the chalk trail on the atmosphere and climate. The cost of the entire operation is about $3 million.

If the experiment is successful, Bill Gates plans to regularly spray thousands of tons of chalk over the planet. If necessary, do it regularly. The project is expensive, so Gates plans to involve international organisations and large businesses from different countries in its implementation. Serious scientists have called Gates' plans to organise a small "eclipse" this summer an "eclipse" of the billionaire's mind.

Bill Gates is confident that the "green economy" and "green energy" will eventually create millions of new jobs, and will also allow you to earn profits comparable to what the companies of the "carbon economy" and "carbon energy” currently receive.

A distinctive feature of the "green economy", according to Gates, is the predominance of online communication over offline communication of people. IT corporations with their communication technologies will allow people to save huge amounts of money, which today they have to spend on transport and their movement in space.

Some of this savings should rightfully turn into profits for IT corporations. Bill Gates himself, although he left the leadership of Microsoft last year, does not lose contact with the company. He continues to invest in startups in the field of information and computer technologies. However, he has a number of other startups, which he refers to the category of "green economy". First of all, these are projects of renewable energy sources.

In addition, Bill Gates has recently become actively engaged in buying up land plots in the United States. Today, he is already on the list of the largest landowners in America. And then our billionaire linked his passion for the earth with the climate: like, on his land he will plant trees and various plants that will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Here is a real contribution to the fight against the climate disaster!

In February of this year, Bill Gates, in an interview with the German business publication Handelsblatt, said that in the next five years, he would invest two billion dollars in startups and projects aimed at combating global climate change. And it's not a charity. It's business as usual. In the view of Bill Gates, the fight against climate warming may well be combined with the usual profit-making.

Of course, such a combination is not possible for everyone. For 90% of today's business, the plans announced by Bill Gates and other "climate radicals" to combat global warming mean death. But for 10%, maybe even 1% of companies, "carbon zero" means new markets and new profits. There is no doubt that Bill Gates is among this select percentage of beneficiaries of the fight against climate warming.

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