Secret channels of British influence in Turkey

How London supports political Islamic cadres
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Among Turkish journalists and experts, the belief has taken root that the often mentioned deep states, such as Israel, such structures as Mossad or Gladio, secret societies like the Illuminati, Masons, "Skull and Bones", Rosicrucians, Templars, as well as secret hierarchical structures that control the world economy - financial barons from Wall Street, oil trusts, multinational corporations - have been associated with the English deep state for centuries, and that their activities are influenced by England. Accordingly, the political actions that drowned the Middle East in blood are the product of the English deep state.

Most of the states of the Middle East were created by England. The borders of the countries of the Middle East were drawn at the Cairo Conference chaired by Churchill. Most of the leaders of these countries were elected and appointed to their positions by the English deep state. Representatives of the English deep state, Lawrence, Gertrude Bell, General Allenby, Orde Wingate, Hubert Young, Percy Cox, Herbert Samuel and others, found, educated and appointed this cadre.

The vast majority of the personnel who ruled in the Middle East in the 20th century were educated at such English educational institutions as the Sandhurst Military Academy, the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of Exeter, Cambridge or Oxford, and were appointed to their positions for subsequent service to the English deep state. Of course, countless decent, sincere, good people were raised within the walls of these educational institutions. However, at the same time, it is known that each of these educational institutions is used by the English deep state as a training centre. The British deep state is behind the Mosaddegh coup in Iran, the military coups in Turkey in 1960, 1971, 1980 and 2016, as well as the entire history full of coups in Egypt, Syria and Iran.

"The Anglo-Saxon world is a world of modernism and agreements"

According to a similar belief, within the Turkish mafia structures called the deep state, there are definite branches of American, British, Israeli, German, French deep states, that is, secret structures and intelligence organisations of the West. All Masonic organisations, due to the presence of other transformations and structures of such branches, definitely serve foreign deep states.

Historian and professor İlber Ortaylı, at the conference "Turkish-English relations throughout History", organised at the Kensington Hilton Hotel, made important remarks, saying the following:

"The Anglo-Saxon world is a world of modernism and agreements. Even today, the United States is a state of a planetary scale. It will not be able to object. It controls the world's energy resources. However, England controls the global policy of the United States. The United States makes important decisions with the permission of British diplomats. And without their permission and without their information, they cannot take a single step. Americans listen only to British diplomats. The English administrative, diplomatic and legislative system will continue to exist in the world for a long period of time. Our Foreign Ministry, which opposes the whole world, has no stumbling blocks with Britain. Moreover, the relationship with it has become even better."

Associations in England on behalf of influential persons in Turkey

The message of Oda TV dated 28.04.2017 talks about the meeting of people important for Turkey in England.

One photo was posted on many media resources for a long time. The people depicted in the photo are very well known to the public today. These are, from left to right, Fehmi Koru (journalist, writer, adviser to the 11th President Abdullah Gul), Abdullah Gul (the 11th President of Turkey) and Şükrü Karatepe, (adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, lawyer, member of the Central Advisory Council of the AKP).

All three in the period from 1976 to 1978 went to study at the University of Exeter, located in Exeter, in the south-west of England. They were photographed by a lieutenant at that time, and today the chief of the General Staff, Army General Hulusi Akar!

Secret channels of British influence in Turkey | Институт международных политических и экономических стратегий

The University of Exeter is the only educational institution in the United Kingdom that has an "Institute for the Study of Kurds"! Moreover, the "Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies” is also located at this university.

MI6 agents are trained here

At this university, at various times, depending on the importance of the task they will perform, people specialising in the Arab, Islamic world and Kurds, as well as MI6 agents and British officers who will be sent to the Middle East and receive an education. This university created the organisation Green Peace, which according to some sources is an affiliated structure of the intelligence service of the United Kingdom.

Both Fehmi Koru, Abdullah Gul and Şükrü Karatepe came to this university to study under a grant from the National Cultural Foundation (the Foundation was established in 1969 and operates under the control of the Turkish government).

Secret channels of British influence in Turkey | Институт международных политических и экономических стратегий

Deniz Zeyrek, a columnist for the Hürriyet newspaper, commented on this photo as follows: "Abdullah Gul preferred to include the Head of the National Intelligence Organisation (MIT), Hakan Fidan, the Press Secretary of the presidential administration, Ibrahim Kalin, as well as one of the main advisers of the president, Şükrü Karatepe, in the ruling team. I would like to remind you that four army generals - commanders who were originally from Kayseri, including the head of the General Staff, General Hulusi Akar, collaborated with this team."

The Minister of Finance is an English citizen

After it became known that former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller has US citizenship, it turned out that the AKP State Minister for Economic Affairs, Mehmet Şimşek, has British citizenship.

Born on January 1, 1967, a native of Darıca, Batman province, Şimşek, on January 20, 1999, married Annalise Granwald, a native of the United States, and in 2000, he went to England and began working at Merrill Lynch. After he was appointed head of the Department for Economic and Strategic Studies of the Middle East and the African region, Şimşek and his wife decided to become citizens of England. Having received a positive response to the application from the relevant structures of England, he appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey, which, by decision No. 2422 of July 26, 2006, "allowed Şimşek to obtain citizenship of the United Kingdom (England) while retaining Turkish citizenship".

The English period in the life of Hakan Fidan

There are interesting coincidences in the life of the head of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT), Hakan Fidan. Being one of the most curious personalities in Turkey from the point of view of biography, a variety of assumptions are put forward about him, from belonging to one of the Kurdish tribes, and up to the place of his birth. While some of his inner circle said that he was from Ankara, others said that he was from Denizli.

The years of his studies in the biography are also described in a confusing way. If we calculate it, it turns out that he studied at several European universities at the same time, and also had to study at some universities in Turkey… We will not dwell on this in detail, noting only that Hakan Fidan was engaged in academic research at the Technological Research Center in London in 2001-2002. After this period, the promotion of Hakan Fidan on the career ladder began.

The rapid rise of Hakan Fidan began with his appointment as the head of the Turkish Cooperation and Development Authority (TIKA). TIKA was associated with Abdullah Gul, who at that time held the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Fidan worked very closely with Gul at that time. Their relations were so close that there were rumours that Gul, when he became president, was going to appoint Fidan as the general secretary of the presidential staff.

To head the TIKA department, which deals with cooperation with both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the intelligence agencies, was exactly what Fidan needed. Under Fidan's chairmanship, TIKA focused its activities on countries that have historical and cultural ties with Turkey, primarily with Central Asia, and also began to attack Africa.

Archbishop's visit

On February 17, 2018, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received Archbishop of the Anglican Church Justin Welby at the presidential residence. The meeting, closed to the press, lasted about an hour and a half. According to the TRT Haber report, after the meeting held at the presidential residence, Erdogan presented Archbishop of Canterbury Welby with a book entitled "Vision of a New Turkey – the world is more than five", as well as one copy of the letter of Sultan Murat the Third to Queen Elizabeth.

British Ambassador Richard Moore’s statements

No matter how much the countries of the European Union condemned the coup attempt after July 15, 2016, the actions of the Turkish government were seriously criticised in the post-coup period. Some EU member states, during their meetings with Turkish delegations, put the issues of illegal actions in Turkey, as well as uncontrolled attacks on ordinary people, journalists, military, police, scientists and representatives of other professions at the forefront of the agenda. However, England's approaches to this issue differed significantly.

British Ambassador to Ankara Richard Moore, answering questions from the producer of the program Hakan Çelik live on CNN Türk on July 23, 2017, said: "After the coup on July 15, British Prime Minister Theresa May ordered me to give full support to the Turkish government."

"Our vision of Turkey as a NATO ally is connected with the values of the West. Turkey is our partner, to which we attach great importance, it is a country that we consider as a very important partner, both in this region and on a much broader scale. Turkey plays important roles in many parts of the world, for example, in the development of Africa. In Africa, it is the second most influential country in the business and construction industry after China."

In an interview with the Cumhuriyet newspaper, Moore said the following: "We continue to work closely with Turkey on the issue of Syria. Putting aside the misunderstanding on the issue of the People's Self-Defence Units (YPG), our views on what we need to do in the fight against ISIS, as well as on the need for Assad to leave, perhaps after a transition period (since it is very difficult to get to a stable, settled Syria under Assad's rule, if we consider from the perspective of what he does for his people), are very similar to Turkey.

We also have similar concerns about the issue of untimely actions regarding the declaration of independence by the Kurds, so that there is no abuse of this agreement. Our position on this issue is quite clear; we must admit this. They have no right to do this unilaterally. As I mentioned earlier, we have reserves in case the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq takes unilateral steps towards independence, because this is not the right time in such a sensitive and dangerous period to take such steps. In general, we are working closely with Turkey on the Syrian issue and support its actions in Operation Euphrates Shield, as well as its diplomatic efforts against the Russians. Turkey has shown the Russians that they will not be able to use either the Astana or the Geneva process to launch a surprise strike."

Erdogan: "We find ourselves co-chairs of the Great Middle East Project"

From time to time, it was rumoured that the support of England was hidden at the head of dynamic transformations that allowed the government to stay on its feet, but the public statement about this was made in an interesting way. The well-known Turkish sociologist Ali Bulaç in his early works proved the thesis of "support of the political and Islamic cadres of the country by one force".

The fact that Moore communicated directly with AKP ministers and politicians in various ways on the eve of the July 15 coup was also widely criticised. In fact, the process of British support for the Erdogan + Doğu Perinçek + nationalists alliance has been widely discussed in recent years.

One day after Fethullah Gulen, in response to a question asked during an interview about who, in his opinion, was behind the coup, said that "there is a high probability that these are nationalists who have been infiltrating the structure of the Turkish army for a long time," the British ambassador regarded this speech as a counter attack. So here was an answer to the question of who is behind the nationalists.

The long-term goal of England is the takeover of Cyprus. Maintaining its military bases in Turkey and the territories closest to it is another matter. In addition, the words expressed by Erdogan "we find ourselves co-chairs of the Great Middle East Project" reveal the plans of the British and the strategic partner of the United States regarding Cyprus and the Middle East through the AKP. That is why they support the AKP and Erdogan. In addition, through the latest polarisation of the world (Brexit), they are also pulling Turkey towards a possible war.

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