Washington is going to promote BLM ideas around the world

Critical racial theory becomes the ideological foundation of the American state
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The article "The Deep State has begun dismantling the American civilisational code" pointed out that critical racial theory is becoming the ideological basis for the Democratic Party and the consequences of this process go beyond the United States itself. The unexpected leak from the State Department shows that the promotion of this ideology on the world stage is a deliberate step of the American political establishment.

An anonymous source in the State Department shared with Human Events News an electronic version of the letter sent on 22.05.2021 and signed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to all US diplomatic and consular offices around the globe. This letter was dedicated to the anniversary of the death of an African-American George Floyd, who died during police arrest on 25.05.2020. The following theses are put forward in the letter:

A year later, many members of the international community will honour Floyd's memory and will recognise the long path that countries have to go in order to advance racial justice. In the run-up to May 25, the Department issued guidance on the use of Black Lives Matter terms, banners and flags.

National and global protests have spawned a movement against systems that perpetuate deep-rooted inequalities rooted in colonialism and the oppression of racial, tribal, ethnic and other minorities. Floyd's murder sparked an international outcry in the search for racial justice and equality by eliminating systemic racism and ending police brutality affecting communities of colour, especially those of African descent.

It should be noted that the State Department has expanded the issue of racial inequality in the US up to any kind of minority inequality in the world.

On January 20, as one of his first official actions, President Biden issued Executive Order 13985 on racial equity and support for undeserved communities. These efforts are one of the top priorities of the Administration's domestic and foreign policy. The US cannot credibly talk about human rights abroad if it does not address these same issues at home.

Apparently, the State Department shifts the focus of attention in the world from the idea of human rights to the issue of racial inequality and support for disadvantaged communities, which include LGBT people (memorandum of the US President dated 04.02.2021). The Department's policy efforts to promote racial equity in support of our national security interests are as follows: 

  • Partnering with like-minded states and civil society stakeholders to counter disinformation, propaganda, and the concerted malign influence of state and non-state actors that sow racial discord among communities, undermining democratic norms.
  • Promoting democratic principles, fighting corruption, increasing access to justice through reform efforts, and raising awareness of the prevalence and effect of discrimination against members of racial, ethnic, and underserved communities.
  • Combating violence and discrimination against members of racial, ethnic, and other underserved communities.
  • Building coalitions of like-minded nations and engaging international organisations in the fight against systemic racism and discrimination, to include swift and meaningful responses to human rights abuses and violations of racial, ethnic, and other underserved and mainstream racial equity issues throughout the multilateral system.
  • Expanding efforts to ensure regular US federal government engagement with foreign governments, citizens, civil society, and the private sector promotes respect for the human rights of members of racial, ethnic, and other disadvantaged communities.
  • Empowering local movements to advance the human rights of members of racial, ethnic, and other underserved communities through efforts that strengthen the capacity of civil society.

The US wants to create new political alliances to promote racial equity, in support of national security interests. Of course, it should be noted that according to this idea, such coalitions will promptly respond to all types of infringements that they themselves will identify and evaluate. I personally have a question: "Does such a rapid reaction imply carpet bombing?"

Further in the letter advice is given to diplomats on how to use BLM vocabulary and how to cover the anniversary of the George Floyd murder, with appropriate references to the literature, for the preparation of press releases. It is also noted that the State Department supports the use of the term “black lives matter” in the content of messages, speeches and other diplomatic contacts with foreign audiences in order to promote racial equity.

Posts are strongly encouraged to make full use of State Department resources and interagency tools to pursue policy objectives to promote racial equity and support disadvantaged communities throughout the year, including with a special focus on May 25 and during the June to commemorate June 17 and lesser-known racially motivated attacks, such as the Tulsa Race Massacre, the 100th anniversary of which will take place 31.05.2021–01.06.2021.

The public relations departments should use the programs of the State Department's Bureau of Education and Culture to move in this direction.

It is necessary to work with graduate coordinators to attract networks of graduates and current student exchange participants in the US and other countries; conduct open conversations with the target audience using the State Department's Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs' curated films on racial inclusivity.

It is important to continue planning events, activities and messages to demonstrate the commitment of the US government and efforts by American communities to overcome racism, including by acknowledging historical events and tragedies and their lasting impact today.

Judging by these instructions, the State Department attaches considerable attention to working with the public of countries where US diplomatic and consular offices are located to promote the ideology of racial equality and apparently intends to cultivate issues of historical tragedies for each specific country.

Based on the above, we can say that the US Democratic Party really took the ideological basis of BLM as a state one and is going to promote it internationally. The US and its allies will independently determine the object and extent of discrimination against any minority in the world and put pressure on countries that fall into the crosshairs of their interests. Sowing discord in the society of the enemy country, focusing on minorities, this is quite an effective way for the US to increase the chaos in the world, in order to remain an island of stability itself.

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