Will Washington proclaim the "Biden doctrine"?

On March 17, 2021, a new stage has begun in the undeclared war between the United States and Russia.
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We can confidently say that on March 17, 2021, a new stage began in the hybrid war that is going on between the United States and Russia. Through the mouth of President Joseph Biden, the United States has directly and unequivocally declared total war on Russia. So far, this war has not passed into the "hot" phase, but in fact the world approached very closely to a pre-war situation.

Biden not just continued the rhetoric of Barack Obama, who threatened to "tear the Russian economy to shreds", he crossed the "red line" in any conceivable diplomatic and international relations. And it's not at all about dementia or other Biden's diseases: the entire American elite, including Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, is now suffering from a serious and incurable disease - hatred of Russia.

In general, it is not for the American president to say anything about "murderers", since the entire history of the United States is riddled with mass murders of Indians, Blacks, Latinos, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Serbs, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians (hereinafter everywhere).

And Joe Biden himself called, foaming at the mouth, for bombing and destroying the Serbs in 1999, actively participated as chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee in the preparation of aggression against Iraq, and then as Vice President - in the preparation and implementation of US aggression against Libya, Syria, and the outbreak of the civil war in Ukraine.

All of these wars waged by the United States have claimed hundreds of thousands and millions of human lives, including the lives of children, women and the elderly. And from this blood, neither Joe Biden nor other American "fighters for democracy" will ever wash off.

According to many American experts, in particular, Dimitri Simes, Biden's insulting words to Russian President Vladimir Putin were not an accident or a slip of the tongue, they were a well-thought-out and pre-prepared action. Vice President Kamala Harris, who often replaces Biden, has been using even more abusive epithets and labels against Russia and the Russian leadership for a long time.

The United States allowed itself to do such things only in relation to Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, and in all cases it ended with direct aggression by the United States and other NATO countries, and these countries themselves actually ceased to exist or fell under external control. And this once again makes us soberly and calmly, as far as possible without emotions, to analyse the developing dangerous situation.

Contrary to what some Russian commentators, journalists, and professors think and say, this is not a new "cold war" at all, but a new phase of the modern hybrid war that the United States and other Western countries have been systematically waging against Russia since 2007.

This war includes information and psychological, economic, diplomatic and political warfare, cyber warfare, attempts to implement a "colour revolution" and, finally, a "hot" war with the use of non-nuclear and nuclear weapons.

But do not think that the United States will soon start a "hot" war against Russia itself – after all, Russia, which has a huge nuclear arsenal, is not Yugoslavia, Iraq or Libya.

No, the United States, in the case of a strong enemy, uses its usual tactics – to pit different states against each other, to fight against its main enemy via someone else's hands and to enter the war at its final stage, when the enemy is exhausted and has wasted its resources. This is how the United States behaved during the First World War, during the Second World War, and this is how they plan to do this time too, if the project of the "colour revolution" inside Russia will fail.

So, who, according to the plans of the current American administration, should start a "victorious" war against Russia, which will then involve the United States and other NATO countries? The choice is small, and only Ukraine, which is led by radical nationalist and essentially pro-Nazi forces supervised by the United States and other Western countries, can now claim this role.

The current Ukraine in economic, financial, political and military terms is entirely dependent on the United States and is under their external control. Ukraine is persistently and purposefully driven into a trap from which it is impossible to get out: Zelensky and his entourage demonstrate complete failure and complete inability to manage the country, to save its economy and infrastructure, the health of citizens in a situation of deep crisis and the coronavirus epidemic.

The most important thing consists in the fact that the majority of Ukrainians, including most of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, do not want to fight against Russia, because they understand that they are being used as "cannon fodder" and imagine the consequences of this war. Only the lame-brained leaders and members of the national security forces and "Right Sector" and similar structures want to fight, but they cannot and do not know how to fight properly.

However, we should not delude ourselves by this. Firstly, the Ukrainians will be driven to the slaughter like cattle and forced to fight even against their will, and secondly, in addition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Security Forces, American, British and Polish special forces, snipers from many European countries, Turkish UAVs etc., will probably be used for breakthroughs in the DPR and LPR militiamen defence on the territory of Donbass.

According to the DPR and LPR intelligence, by the end of March 2021, more than 200,000 Ukrainian servicemen, together with armoured vehicles, are already concentrated on the territory of Donbass. According to the same information, the Ukrainian military is divided into four main groups called "East", "West", "North" and “South".

The plan of the Ukrainian military, led by "instructors" from the United States and other NATO countries, visibly consists in the quick encirclement of Donetsk and Lugansk in order to close the circle on them and prevent assistance from Russian volunteers.

At the same time, the NATO instructors, who have rich experience in the destruction of civilians in the cities of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, proudly stated that they had trained the Ukrainian army for "fighting in large cities", and the most inhumane fighters "for human rights" from the United States, Canada, and European countries, of course, do not care at all about mass casualties among the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk. They are concerned only by the struggle "for the rights" of Aleksey Navalny and similar thieves, and the thief, as was said by the classics, should be in prison.

So, what should Russia do in such a situation? Firstly, and most importantly, it is necessary to be prepared for the most dangerous scenario but, unfortunately, the most likely one: the attempts of the United States and its satellites to unleash a regional "hot" war on the territory of Donbass and, maybe, Crimea.

There is need of not just the readiness of Russian troops to quickly strike back if necessary, not just a quick and effective response (although this is extremely important; and the plans for a retaliatory strike, as well for different options for the development of military operations must be developed in advance). There is also a need for the intellectual and psychological mobilisation of the Russian elite and the entire Russian society.

But with this latter one, there are still big problems: some of the elite, intellectuals, show business figures and entrepreneurs still look with hope to the West, to the United States and neglect national interests for the sake of their group, clan and individual interests.

Moreover, a significant danger in an acute, and critical situation is the lack of coordination and delay in the actions of various departments, many of which are used to "postpone endless bureaucratic things" and not taking responsibility. We need a single will in the person of the president, which would direct all actions and break down numerous interdepartmental barriers. Such a unified will was demonstrated during the reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2014.

Things also don't go very well with youth’s understanding of the rapidly changing situation in Russia and in the world: the consequences of endless education reforms and the activities of the hostile to Russia forces on the social networks are felt. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to pay attention to this and work more actively with young people on social networks, on various Internet platforms, in order to eliminate the "mess in the heads" that many young Russians have.

Secondly, the hybrid aggression of the United States must be met with effective economic measures. The constant mantras and lamentations of liberal journalists, economists and other figures that Russia cannot respond to the United States and the EU countries because of its supposedly small economy do not stand up to any criticism.

There are many ways to sensitively hurt the interests of American and European corporations, the interests of US and European businesses. This is as well an accelerated transition in trade settlements with many countries from the dollar to national currencies, including payments in yuan, rupees, euros, etc. This is also the gradual and prepared by import substitution displacement from the Russian market of the large retail chains, in fact owned by American multinational corporations and firms from the most hostile to Russia EU countries.

This is also a more active economic policy of import substitution, especially in those sectors where Russia can provide itself with its own production or production in cooperation with non-hostile states (and such ones are the vast majority). This includes also the shift of economic cooperation between Russian firms and corporations, including Gazprom, Rosatom, and others, from West to East, and their reorientation from Europe to the rapidly developing markets of Asia.

For example, if in the winter of this year the price of gas in Asian countries on some days was almost ten times higher than the price of gas in Europe, and Russian gas producers were not ready for this, then the question is, where should we look for real economic and political benefits?

And isn't it worth it in advance, without waiting for the next sanctions, to break through with your products to the huge Asian markets? This is, finally, the displacement of the too much pro-Western and the too much pro-American-minded figures from the Central Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance, as well as from a number of large banks, financial structures and state corporations.

Thirdly, it is necessary to create in Russia a network of competent and qualified expert structures and analytical ("brain") centres that would quickly respond to changes in the domestic and international situation and would promptly give top management their recommendations, ideas and forecasts.

For a while, there is no such network of "think tanks" in Russia, there are only separate, disparate analytical centres, scientific institutes and other structures that often give directly opposite, sometimes ideologised and too abstract recommendations and forecasts.

Therefore, it is urgent to form such a network, albeit small at first, of domestic (but by no means foreign and not pro-Western) experts, whose conclusions, recommendations and forecasts have passed the test of life. This applies to economics, politics, international relations, information wars, and the development of the armed forces.

We can confidently predict that the peak of the confrontation in the hybrid war between the "collective West" and Russia, timed to coincide with the State Duma election and the elections in many Russian regions, will probably fall in the autumn of 2021. But the aggression of the United States and its satellites against Russia has already begun, it will continue incessantly and with increasing force over the coming months, and it must be resisted by all means. The war on the territory of Donbass is actually already underway, and other attacks will follow.

Through the mouths of Harris and Biden, war has been declared directly and unequivocally against Russia, and this war should be treated with all seriousness and with all attention, without consoling oneself with the fact that "they do not want war." "They" want this war very much, although in the beginning they will act mainly via someone else's hands and sacrifice other people's lives.

Except war, "they" have no ways to overcome crises, depressions, and stagflation, which, according to authoritative American economists, now directly threatens America. It's precisely for this reason that "they" will do anything for the sake of weakening, and even better (for "them") – for the sake of the dismemberment and occupation of Russia.

"They" can be stopped only by giving them a quick and effective rebuff, breaking their plans and by acting in the Russian national interests, and not in the interests of individual departments and individual groups of the elite.

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