Putin defied liberal elites in Davos

A more dangerous opponent for the West than the amicable and calm Putin, irresistible in his logic, does not exist
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Putin's speech in Davos at the world forum of globalists began with diplomatic words of recognition to the organisers for the opportunity to convey their point of view to the world community. This is a formal courtesy – Putin understood that he was addressing his sworn enemies, and they would not like his assessments. Therefore, Putin spoke over the head of Schwab and his clients to those who vote for the current global elites – to the peoples and voters.

As observers have already noted, Putin spoke in Davos for the first time in 12 years. In 2009, he was in Davos, but as Prime Minister. Back then the Russian systemic liberals – Shuvalov, Dvorkovich, Oreshkin - spoke in Davos. The current speech has a special context – none of the former iconic faces of the liberal cohort in the Russian government were present. In fact, the west was faced with a somewhat unknown Putin, whose liberal credo was in question.

Putin noted that it was not the pandemic that created the crisis of liberalism, but they matured in its bosom long ago. The pandemic has only accelerated what was long overdue. Most importantly, Putin said that he was ready for a further escalation of the conflict with the west. The conflict was called contradictions that will grow, but the audience that listened to Putin is distinguished by the ability to read between the lines. Especially when Putin hinted at parallels with the 1930s. A direct reference to fascism and the war unleashed by it.

Putin bluntly called the liberal model a crisis and rejected it in terms of the future. The growing social stratification, the polarisation of views, the inefficiency of international institutions, and the growing number of regional conflicts are the consequences of this model. But Putin positioned himself not on the right and not on the left, but in the centre. And he immediately noted that all of this is noticeable in the "leading countries" - the beacons of liberalism, who undertake to teach Russia the correct way of living.

Putin very skilfully moved on to yesterday's phone conversation with Biden. This was mentioned in the context of the degradation of the global security system, when only the extension of the START-3 treaty can improve the situation. In fact, Putin reminded that the situation can spiral out of control when the fight of all against all begins, and this will mean the end of civilisation.

Putin trolled Schwab particularly harshly by reminding him: attempts are being made by them to solve their problems through the search for internal and external enemies. It was a rock in the garden of Biden and the Democrats. We in Russia prize such values as family, the right to elect and privacy.

In other words, Putin was simply pointing the liberals' nose at their own liberal catechism. In the lair of global globalism, such speeches are equivalent to reading the text of the International in the Reichstag of the Third Reich. But Putin was relentless: the social crisis is hitting demographics. I.e., he presented the achievement of the main goal of the globalists as a failure and a threat to humanity. K. Schwab experienced many awkward moments, but, as is said, noblesse oblige.

It is unlikely that Putin made friends with the world's Western elites with this speech. But he obviously didn't want to do that. He appealed to humanity, to business, not transnational, but to those looking for a way to survive at home, relying on the state and the people. In the US, this is the Trump electorate, and if they heard Putin, then he gained 75 million supporters in the US. Biden will pretend not to notice, but he will have to take that into account in the future.

Putin called the loss of cultural continents a gloomy dystopia. I.e., he challenged the global ideologues who create tribes of new nomads based on national roots and cultural ties. If to look at the context of Putin's speech, Putin positioned himself as an irreconcilable enemy of globalism, perceiving it from the liberal classical position that was the starting point for the globalists themselves.

I.e., he presents modern liberals as renegades who have abandoned their own roots and are calling the whole world to do the same. The more resonant Putin's speech in Davos, the more pressure he will receive in the near future. There is no more dangerous opponent for the West than the amicable and calm Putin, irresistible in his logic, and we will see confirmation of this in the very near future.

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