The death of Baron Rothschild, the US presidential election, and COVID-19

Coronavirus testing technology was developed and patented back in 2016, four years before the coronavirus "pandemic"
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One of the top pieces of news of the second half of January was the death of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. On January 16th, all the leading media reported: on January 15th, Baron Rothschild died at the age of 57 at his estate in Switzerland, the cause of death was a heart failure.

The information was very concise, its source was the message of the Baron's closest relatives (wife and daughters). No details were given about the death in the following days by the relatives. The funeral was not public, it was attended by a very narrow circle of the deceased's closest relatives.

The lack of primary information about the death in the media was compensated by the publication of extensive materials about the biography of the Baron and his activities. The essence of these publications is that one of the most influential and wealthy members of the Rothschild clan has passed away. A seventh-generation descendant of the founder of the Mayer Amschel dynasty and owner of the holding group Edmond de Rothschild Group. Benjamin took the helm in 1997, replacing his then-deceased father, Edmond de Rothschild.

The group manages assets valued at 173 billion Swiss francs ($194 billion). Officially, the Baron's fortune was estimated at a modest one and a half billion euros, and in the list of Forbes magazine for 2019, he occupied a modest 1349th place.

However, everyone is well aware that the bulk of the Baron's wealth (as well as many other members of the Rothschild clan) is in the "gray zone" and does not fall into the field of view of Forbes magazine.

Unofficially, the Baron was considered one of the most influential people in the global financial elite. And such people, as we know, are interested not only in business, but also in politics. And now, taking into account the fact that the deceased was very interested in politics, reasons for his death began to appear that were very different from the official reason.

What these reasons had in common was that their authors did not believe the official report of death as a result of heart failure. They all believe that the Baron was murdered. And here it is difficult to disagree with them. Benjamin de Rothschild passed away in the prime of life, never complaining about his health. Moreover, he cared about it. He was engaged in sports (a big fan of sailing). And the fact that the next of kin did not allow anyone to see the body of the deceased also raises suspicions.

Those who are professionally engaged in studying the history of the Rothschild dynasty are well aware of the increased mortality of members of the clan. And all deaths are attributed either to medical causes (heart attack, stroke, etc.), accidents (most often, a car accident), or suicide.

The most high-profile of the recent cases was the death of 41-year-old Amschel Mayor James, the fourth Baron Rothschild. It took place on July 8th, 1996, at the Bristol Hotel in Paris. The Baron was found in the bathroom, hanging from the waistband of his own bathrobe. The suicide version was sewn with white thread. There was a contract killing. The then media king Rupert Murdoch ordered the editors and publishers of his empire to silence the story.

It is also noteworthy that most versions of the Baron's murder are associated with the US presidential election. The authors of the versions are sure that the deceased had an influence on the course of the election. Moreover, in the last days before the inauguration on January 20th, he wanted the scales to swing completely and irrevocably in favour of the challenger on whom he had bet.

So who did the Baron bet on? Most authors claim that a stake was put on the same person whom all the members of the Rothschild clan bet on. And they, it is said, bet on Trump's victory. Many experts are used to looking at all world events (including elections) through the prism of the standoff between the Rothschild and Rockefeller clans. The latter, according to many experts, made a bet on Joe Biden.

As for Trump, the Rothschilds bet on him in 2016. And Trump's victory at the time was, according to many experts, ultimately their victory. To give an example: on November 13th, 2016, Komsomolskaya Pravda published extensive material under the sonorous title "The Rothschilds still covered America and the planet with Trump".

Here I will note along the way that, according to my information, there was no unequivocal support for Trump from all the Rothschilds. There were those who supported Hillary Clinton. The association of the Rothschilds with Trump, in my opinion, is a great simplification and distortion. But it was the current US election that was perceived by many with this standard cliche in mind.

And now a number of authors claim that Benjamin de Rothschild was preparing to release a bunch of deafening dirt on Joe Biden and his team and to trip him up at the finish line. The people on Biden's team knew about this and got ahead of the Baron by ordering his murder. Well, this version has a right to exist. A deeper check of all the details is required, but I think the organisers of the murder will do everything possible to ensure that no one finds out these details.

I met an even more interesting version, which was recently presented by the famous Canadian conspiracy theorist Benjamin Fulford. For more than 30 years, this author has been working in the field of economic journalism. At one time, he held a high position at “Forbes" magazine. For the last ten years or so, he has positioned himself as an independent researcher of those issues that are usually classified as conspiracy theories.

Fulford claims that in his research he relies on a wide network of informant agents from different countries and different organisations, including such intelligence agencies as MI-6 (UK), Mossad (Israel), FSB (Russia), etc. The other day, on his website, Fulford spoke out about the death of Baron Rothschild.

According to Fulford, Benjamin de Rothschild did not die of a heart attack, was not killed on someone's order, but simply faked his death. And disappeared from his Swiss estate. And now he is far beyond the borders of not only Switzerland, but also Europe. Fulford even names the Baron's supposed place of residence – Latin America, Uruguay.

Fulford connects the story of the Baron's escape overseas not so much with the election of the American president, but with the story called "COVID-19 pandemic". The Canadian conspiracy theorist believes that Rothschild was involved in the preparation of the global operation "COVID-19 pandemic" and the measures of governments of almost all countries of the world to transfer the population to a special regime called "lockdown".

Indeed, the Rothschilds left some traces of their involvement in the preparation of this operation. Fulford, in particular, cites a scan of a document that is a patent for a medical technology for testing people for infection with the COVID-19 virus. The most interesting thing is that the document dates back to 2016. I.e., the testing was developed four years before the World Health Organisation announced the so-called coronavirus "pandemic".

Fulford gives some more evidence that the Rothschilds were involved in the preparation of the plan, which consists of several stages:

1) creating an artificial panic in the world and announcing a coronavirus "pandemic";

2) the introduction of various restrictions and prohibitions for citizens and businesses under the pretext of protecting health (universal lockdown);

3) the organisation of mass vaccination of the population;

4) the creation of a system of digital control over the movement and behaviour of citizens; this system includes, among other things, the digital identification of each person.

Apparently, Benjamin de Rothschild was one of the key figures who prepared the special operation.

Today, there is growing resistance in the world to the plans of the world elite to enslave humanity by forcing an atmosphere of fear and using "medical arguments". Fulford's version: the opponents of these plans became aware of the role of Benjamin de Rothschild in the preparation of a global provocation.

He had a fear that he might be dealt with. Either kill him or put him on trial. It is not excluded that the global “COVID-19" operation will choke. Its organisers and implementers will appear before the new Nuremberg Tribunal. And Baron Rothschild will also sit in the dock of the tribunal.

To some, linking the death (or disappearance) of Baron Rothschild to Operation COVID-19 seems fantasy. But I don't think so. For the reason that I know some of the "revelations" of a man like Jacques Attali. There is no doubt that this well-known politician, financier and writer is connected with the Rothschilds. They are his patrons, and he serves their interests and voices some of their plans.

If we carefully follow all the "revelations" of Jacques Attali (speeches in the media, interviews, numerous books), one can come to the conclusion that the Rothschilds do not need a strong America. Moreover, they do not need America at all. This is what Jacques Attali said quite openly in his book "A Brief History of the Future" (2006).

By the way, speaking about this book, he admitted that it is not the usual, i.e. dispassionate, "objective" forecast of the development of the world in the next half century. It is an attempt to "construct the future". It is clear that the “construction" is being carried out by Jacques Attali taking into account the "technical task" formulated by the "patrons" of the Rothschilds.

The half-century "history" of Jacques Attali includes five periods. The last period is the "end point of history", the establishment of a "brave new world" on a global scale. The world elite (of course, in the person of the Rothschilds) establishes its unshakable and eternal power on the planet. But the first stage is the weakening of America and the loss of its status as a superpower. And Jacques Attali noted with satisfaction last year that this stage has already begun. And that America will soon lose its position as a superpower.

Returning to the topic of the US election, I will say that the Rothschilds, by and large, do not need either Trump or Biden. They need the full weakening of the United States. And to do this, it is necessary to adhere to the old proven principle of "divide and conquer". According to my information, the Rothschilds did everything possible to push Biden and Trump against each other and inflame the atmosphere in the United States. If possible, leading things to civil war and even to the disintegration of the United States into separate parts.

So my theory is that Baron Rothschild could have been killed (or could have fled overseas) not because he supported Trump or was preparing to strike Biden on the eve of the inauguration. He participated in a larger operation – to weaken and destroy the United States.

However, the scale of his criminal activities could be much greater. I am hinting at his very likely participation in the preparation of a conspiracy against all of humanity. I mean the conspiracy that the world elite is covering with the comely pretext "fight against coronavirus" and "The Great Reset”.

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