Will Biden sacrifice Harris for his own salvation?

    Afghanistan and Texas may become reasons for the resignation of Kamala Harris
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    print 23 8 2021

    Major failures in the foreign and domestic policy of US Vice President Kamala Harris may cost her her place.

    In less than eight months, Kamala Harris has not been able to prove that she is qualified enough to perform the duties of the second person in the White House. She failed to solve the refugee problem on the border with Texas, and also admitted that she was responsible for the crisis in Afghanistan. American journalist Micah Curtis wrote about this in his article.

    He believes that a state official of this level should have the appropriate qualifications. In his opinion, Harris got her position only because she is a woman and belongs to a racial minority. But this is clearly not enough to occupy such a high post, the author summarises.

    When Kamala Harris was announced as a candidate for the post of Vice President, for many, this message was shocking. At that moment, they said that she was not ready for such a responsible job. And just eight months after the election, it turned out that those who predicted the failure of the Biden — Harris tandem were right.

    Recently, Harris took responsibility for the crisis in Afghanistan. According to her, it was she who, in many ways, influenced the president's decision on the urgent withdrawal of troops. Now, according to Curtis, this situation has become an international disgrace for the United States. One way or another, it seems that the Vice President will have to be responsible for the current situation. The author's sources on Capitol Hill report that before her statement, Harris repeated: "You're not pinning this sh*t on me." "Whether that is true or not, what is clear is that Harris has been reluctant to address the American people about the unfolding fiasco,” the author summarises.

    Recall that the Afghan story is the second major failure of the American Vice President. In the winter, Joe Biden instructed her to oversee the settlement of the crisis on the southern border of the country, where the situation with refugees has become much more complicated. However, postponing the trip for various reasons, Harris never visited the region. In May, President Biden again urged her to personally go to Texas to assess the problem. But only in June, after an unpleasant conversation with the patron, Harris "unexpectedly" decided to go to the southern border. This was so unexpected that it surprised even the journalists accredited in the White House. They are usually warned a week before the trip.

    The first point on the Vice President's route was El Paso, Texas, where the largest number of refugees is located. According to media reports, in El Paso, she made a speech in which she announced the ban on illegal immigrants coming to the United States. In addition, she criticised former President Donald Trump and urged the incomprehensible person "not to point the finger at her." Journalists claim that no one listened to Harris ' speech. Subsequently, fellow Democrats accused the presidential administration that the story of the trip to the border is a blow to the image of the party.

    During her short trip, the Vice President met with migrant girls aged 9-16 who are in the care of state institutions. She highly appreciated her meeting with them, which she informed the media representatives about. In response, critics recommended that Harris visit a tent complex in nearby Fort Bliss, where migrant children are kept behind barbed wire and in custody. BBC journalists visited there and spoke about hungry children, sexual violence, COVID outbreaks, and sandstorms covering tent camps in the desert where children and teenagers live.

    During the visit, Harris' motorcade was met by protesters - Trump supporters. A poster of one of the demonstrators read: "How many little girls need to be raped for this to become a crisis?".

    Harris was criticised by both Republicans and fellow Democrats. Texas Senator Ted Cruz called her visit “a glorified photo-op”. A fellow party member, Congressman Henry Cuellar, whose constituency is located on part of the southern border, said that the administration makes the Democrats look "weak".

    The author of the article believes that Biden and his team made a big mistake by offering Harris such a high position that is completely inappropriate to the level of her competence. This has led to chaos on the southern border and is now likely to lead to the death of many people in Afghanistan.

    Biden may well take such a step - to pin the Afghan failure and the crisis on the border with Mexico on Harris in order to save himself from impeachment. The question is what decision will the deep state make and who will it decide to sacrifice - a political graduate student or an academician of political games.

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