The Republicans, led by Trump, are preparing to take revenge
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The US Democratic Party is beginning to panic about the 2022 mid-term elections

Biden's weak legitimacy shakes the solidity of American foreign policy
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A month after Geneva proved the absence of America as a centralised state

Gazprom's Chinese “Go” Game in Europe
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Europe is reaping the benefits of the Third Energy Package and spot gas prices

Washington's wet dreams: The world's oceans should belong only to America
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As the bear said, looking at the hippopotamus, "with such a suitcase, it would be good to take a sip of honey"

The US is heading for defeat in the rivalry with China
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No smooth measures will save America from losing its global leadership

It is in the interests of the US and the EU to exclude Britain from NATO
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While Washington, Berlin and Paris want to restore dialogue with Moscow, London is trying to place a new "iron curtain” in front of Russia

Prospects for further dialogue between Russia and the United States in the global context
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Some results of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva

Will the EU succeed in eliminating NATO?
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Britain is alarmed: the European Union stops paying tribute to the United States

Why Russia will inevitably take Africa from France
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The Russian Caravan will go ahead, so let the jackals bark

Poland has stepped on its own environmental rake
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Berlin sent a big and warm "hello" to Warsaw via Denmark

Pakistan refuses US military bases
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Before our eyes, three almost epochal events are taking place at once

It is time for Russia to move on to a severe solution to the “British question”
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Operation Subbotnik: The former Great Britain has begun to take too many liberties

Russia has started mass producing combat robots
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In terms of the pace of technological development of modern advanced weapons, Russia is coming out on top in the world

Israel may lose America
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Dangerous mistake: Netanyahu went on a provocation against Biden

Russia's exit from the Open Skies Treaty: is the US ready to play by the rules?
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Verification of the US' ability to negotiate: are they ready to validate their "heroic" rhetoric with real deeds

Would Reagan have turned over in his grave or moved to Russia himself?
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Russia becomes the last refuge for the normal people of the whole planet

The meaning and significance of the demonstrative flogging of the Dutch offshore
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Yandex, Beeline, X5 Retail Group and others will now start paying more taxes in Russia

Why the European Union needs its own payment system
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Europe is trying to separate its money from American money and prevent American colonisation

Latvia 2025: without railways and NATO battalions
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Will Latvia have a railway in five years and what does NATO have to do with it?

Ukraine may be left without a railway
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The degradation of the state has put the railway of Ukraine on the verge of stopping: in four days, the country may grind to a halt