Moscow and Beijing struck a coordinated blow against Washington
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The development of biological weapons in the form of the COVID-19 virus can cost the US dearly

Erdogan puts the Montreux Convention up for auction
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Turkey joins attempts to cancel international agreements

Does Russia need a strategic pause in relations with the United States?
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What Russia is doing, in military parlance, is called regrouping forces before the main battles

Russia and China can kill SWIFT
access_time27 Mar 2021personАдминremove_red_eye542

The US may lose another lever of financial management of the world

Crimea’s return to Russia changed the course of world history
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Crimea today is the Stalingrad of the Great Patriotic War. Here, after a long retreat and the stabilisation of the “front", there was a turning point in the war

Oil gives Russia another chance
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Russia is reaping the benefits of last year's victory in the price war with the US and Saudi Arabia

Israel's prospects for creating its own version of NATO in the Middle East
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Admittedly, Israeli diplomacy has achieved outstanding success over the past ten years

What is behind the introduction of US sanctions against Saudi Arabia?
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It's not at all about oil or the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Russia is ready for a complete rupture of relations with the European Union
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Sergey Lavrov made a statement that has long been expected by the vast majority of the country's citizens

In Texas, gas wells are freezing, and the cost of electricity has increased almost 35-fold
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Russian frost attacks the US, or about some results of the "shale" and “green" energy revolution

Classic American bargaining down of Poles for free services
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The Polish leadership has been out of luck in geopolitical gambling for more than five years

Military alliance between Russia and China: foundations, prospects and consequences
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The worst dream of American generals is close to becoming a reality